CadSoft Online

  • Electronics Engineering - analog, digital, embedded design
  • PCB Layout (Eagle, DipTrace)
  • Fabrication, Assembly, and Testing Services

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We specialize in Microchip PIC microcontrollers and C and/or assembly firmware programming.

We use Eagle or DipTrace for schematic capture & PCB layout - single layer to multiple layers.
Reverse engineering and re-engineering is not a problem!
Single-sided to multi-layer PCBs, through-hole, SMT, or mixture.
We can work from your schematic, netlist, and BOMs.
You and/or we define any required PCB constraints.
Design documents and files (including gerbers) will be released to you upon completion & final payment
Lower complexity prototype PCBs can be assembled and tested in-house.

Not just engineering & layout, but we sub-contract for ......

1. PCB fabrication
2. PCB assembly (prototypes to production)
3. PCB functional testing (prototypes to production)
4. EMI/EMC testing and analysis

5. Membrane keypad and/or overlay design & fabrication
6. Flex circuit design & fabrication
7. Enclosure design & fabrication

Engineering rate is $80 per hour.
PCB layout rate is $60 per hour
Minimum charge is 4 hours.

All in-house charges are time & material.
All sub-contract charges are based upon their respective quotes and include a mark-up.