TikTok Made Me Buy It: Creative and Fun Gadgets You Can Find on Amazon

TikTok Made Me Buy It: Creative and Fun Gadgets You Can Find on Amazon
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Introduction to the TikTok and Amazon shopping trend

Welcome to the fascinating, ever-evolving trend of Amazon shopping, brought to life through the influential world of TikTok. This popular trend revolves around the social media powerhouse, TikTok, driving user purchases with a blend of engaging content, unique finds, and relatable experiences.

Here’s why this trend is capturing everyone’s attention:

  • Unique Discoveries: TikTok and Amazon’s collaboration has birthed an avenue for peculiar, quirky products you never knew you needed, from hi-tech toasters to skincare products and more.
  • Viral Influence: With TikTok’s user base of over one billion, a product getting viral can dramatically amplify its reach and, in turn, its sales.
  • #amazonfinds: This popular TikTok hashtag has generated over 40 billion views, becoming a treasure trove for sellers to tap into.

We love it, you love it, and most importantly, your favorite TikTok influencers love it too! So let’s hop onto the exciting ride of Amazon shopping, TikTok style!

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List of Creative and Fun Gadgets influenced by TikTok

1. Mirror Selfie Stick

The Mirror Selfie Stick, as seen on TikTok, is a game-changer for beauty enthusiasts and selfie lovers. It’s luring in thousands of TikTok users with its dual functionality and led-lit design.

  • Trendy mirror design
  • Built-in LED light
  • Cabinet storage

Top Pros:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Enables perfect lighting for selfies.
  3. Provides ample storage for beauty supplies and jewelry.

Top Cons:

  1. May be considered pricey for a mirror.
  2. Requires electricity to light up.
  3. Not travel-friendly due to its size and fragility.

Priced at $120 (discounted to $88), it’s a worthy investment for makeup and selfie lovers. It best serves those seeking a beauty solution that is both functional and chic.

2. Portable Blender and Juicer

Nothing says creativity and versatility like a portable blender and juicer, a trendy gadget on TikTok. This little powerhouse offers a brilliant solution to the classic, bulky appliances—no more missing your smoothie fix due to on-the-go hassles!

Top features:

  • It’s cute and compact as a PopBabies!
  • It’s battery-powered for up to 20 blends per charge.
  • Good for whipping smoothies, soups, and frozen drinks.
  • It’s USB rechargeable, and even works while it juices.
  • 17,000+ happy Amazon customers.


  1. Size: Small and lightweight for easy portability.
  2. Flexibility: Works while charging.
  3. Durability: Blades strong enough to crush ice.
  4. Efficiency: No power cord necessary.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for a wide variety of beverages.


  1. Battery Life: Only lasts for 20 blends per charge.
  2. Poor for Large Quantities: Better for individual servings.
  3. Cost: More expensive than some alternatives.
  4. Limited Power: Less powerful than traditional blenders.
  5. Maintenance: Blender pitcher needs regular washing.

This unique product is available for as little as $36.99—a small price for a blend of convenience and health.

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3. Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

The Smart Weighted Hula Hoop has gained popularity on TikTok due to its fun approach to exercise and its ease of use. This gadget is a great example of how TikTok is influencing cool, quirky fitness equipment.

Top Features:

  • 360-degree, shock-absorbing massage ring
  • Weighted for added workout intensity
  • Beginner-friendly


  1. Makes working out entertaining
  2. Can relieve lower back pain
  3. Suitable for all levels, including beginners
  4. Adds intensity to cardio routines
  5. Helps improve body flexibility


  1. Might take time to get used to the weight
  2. Limited upper body engagement
  3. Could feel awkward at first
  4. May not be suitable for very small or very large waist sizes
  5. Heavier than traditional hula hoops, which might not be preferred by all users

Pricing is variable, but typically very affordable, fitting a range of budgets. This puts fitness within everyone’s reach.

4. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Introducing the Electric Wine Bottle Opener, a trendy gadget made popular by the TikTok platform! This innovative tool breathes new life into wine opening, gaining popularity due to the effortless and speedy uncorking it provides.

  • Electric operation
  • Fast uncorking time
  • User-friendly design
  • Works with all cork types
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting battery

1) Pros:

  • Quick and easy to use which saves time
  • No physical effort required
  • Works with both synthetic and natural corks
  • Reliable due to rechargeable battery
  • Handy for parties and gatherings

2) Cons:

  • More expensive than manual corkscrews
  • Requires regular charging
  • May not be suitable for older wine bottles with delicate corks
  • Not as portable as traditional corkscrews
  • Can become a useless gadget if not frequently used

Note: The price can slightly vary, so do check on Amazon for the best deal!

5. Blue Light Glasses

In the bustling world of TikTok, blue light glasses have emerged as a popular and fun gadget. Leveraging the platform’s creative energy, it’s now a trendy accessory for those who spend their day in front of screens.

  • Trendy design
  • Available in three different colors
  • Promises to reduce headaches
  • Decreases eye strain
  • Provides 100% UV protection


  • It makes a fashion statement while protecting your eyes.
  • Versatile color options to match your style.
  • May help to decrease frequency of headaches.
  • Reduces eye strain from screen exposure.
  • Shields eyes with 100% UV protection.


  • Authenticity of eye strain reduction claims are subjective.
  • Fashion-forward design may not pair with all outfits.
  • Three colors might limit choice.
  • UV protection isn’t necessary indoors.
  • Price could be a barrier for some.

This gadget is marketed as a functional fashion statement, priced reasonably on Amazon. Its popularity on TikTok indeed makes it an irresistible buy.

6. Ice Roller

This cool little gadget is the secret weapon to a refreshed, puff-free face, and it’s only $15! An epitome of affordable skincare, Ice Roller is undeniably a must-have gadget that offers an easy and effective way to give your skin some TLC.

  • Helps to improve skin condition
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Boosts circulation
  • Soothes burns after sun exposure
  • Chill and relaxing massage


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Quick results
  • Portable


  • Requires freezing time
  • Can feel too cold
  • Needs cleaning after use
  • May not provide long-term skin improvements
  • Plastic parts could break

Note: At 20% off, it costs just $15 on Amazon.

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7. Avocado Slicer

The Avocado Slicer is all the rage on TikTok, packing functionality with a pinch of fun into your kitchen chores. It’s a top pick not just because it looks cool, but also because it’s incredibly practical.

  • Cuts and slices with ease
  • Pits without hustle
  • Neatly peels
  • Can mash for guacamole
  • It’s a 5-in-1 tool!


  1. Convenience: One tool does it all.
  2. Efficiency: Speeds up avocado prep.
  3. Safety: Minimizes risks of cuts.
  4. Easy cleanup: Dishwasher safe.
  5. Cost-effective: Saves money with its multi-functionality.


  1. Might not handle a really tough pit well.
  2. Unused functions if you don’t regularly mash or peel.
  3. Relatively larger than a simple knife.
  4. Not as eco-friendly as basic tools.
  5. Cannot be used for other fruits or veggies.

Priced at just $12 on Amazon, its perks significantly overshadow its minor cons. A worthy, fun, and highly TikTok-able kitchen addition.

8. JOPOHA Facial Mask Machine

The JOPOHA Facial Mask Machine is flying off the shelves, thanks largely to buzz on TikTok. The platform’s influencers are going gaga over this DIY skincare device, and it’s not hard to see why.

  • The machine lets you create your own facial masks using your favorite fruits and vegetables.
  • DIY masks are a fun, personalized skincare treat.
  • The result is aesthetically pleasing, perfect for your skincare routine videos.

Here are its pros and cons:

  • You get to choose the ingredients in your facial mask.
  • It’s a cost-effective skincare solution.
  • The masks are fresh and all-natural.
  • It suits all skin types.
  • It allows skincare personalization.
  • Some fruits might not suit your skin.
  • It requires some effort compared to ready-made masks.
  • Cleanup can be a bit of a hassle.
  • It needs some time to prepare the mask.
  • There might be a learning curve to use the machine properly.

The JOPOHA Facial Mask Machine is available for around $60. If skincare is your passion, it’s a beauty buy you might want to consider.

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

Everyone’s buzzing about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze on TikTok – thanks to celebrity endorsement from Jordyn Woods. This eyebrow game-changer is the creation of the renowned “Eyebrow Queen,” Anastatia Soare.

  • Designed to balance the face.
  • Offers a thick, fuller, feathered look.
  • A better alternative to over-plucked, thin eyebrows.
  • Tames unruly brow hair.

Top 5 pros:

  1. Creates the latest feathered brow trend fast.
  2. Easy-to-use formula.
  3. Works well for all hair types.
  4. Offers a polished, defined, and sculpted look.
  5. Beloved by celebs and influencers.

Top 5 cons:

  1. May feel a little stiff.
  2. Past few hours, brows can start to look greasy.
  3. High-end pricing.
  4. Needs a good clean-up for the best after-application look.
  5. Can get clumpy if not applied properly.

Brow Freeze costs around $23, more expensive compared to some drugstore dupes. However, the splurge can be justified with its expert design and rave reviews.

10. Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

The Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, affectionately known as the must-have hair tool on TikTok, has earned a loyal fanbase. Its charm on the popular social media platform is rooted in how it combines comfort, convenience, and effectiveness to enhance regular haircare routines.

Top features:

  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Exfoliates scalp, removing product buildup
  • Works shampoo into roots


  1. Promotes healthier, stronger hair.
  2. Effortlessly massages the scalp.
  3. Elevates the hair washing experience.
  4. Highly recommended by users and stylists.
  5. Currently available at a cost-effective price of $6.98.


  1. Excessive use may lead to scalp sensitivity.
  2. Not suitable for certain scalp conditions.
  3. May not work effectively on all hair types.
  4. Sharing it among multiple users could raise hygiene issues.
  5. Some may find it unnecessary or tedious to incorporate into their routine.

In essence, this tool can be a gamechanger for people looking to improve their hair health, though certain considerations should be taken into account.

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11. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter is the new talk of the town on TikTok. I can hardly scroll without seeing it! We are enamored by the natural, glowing look it gives. It’s a must-have that even makeup artists love. Here’s why:

  • It’s a complexion booster.
  • Can be used alone or with the Airbrush foundation.
  • Provides lightweight, breathable coverage.
  • Blends and mattifies without creasing.

Even better, in a more detailed look:

  1. It brightens your complexion in an instant.
  2. It works for all skin types.
  3. It’s long-wearing—up to 24 hours.
  4. It’s a perfect blend of makeup and skincare.
  5. It’s surprisingly affordable.

On the flip side:

  1. May not be suitable for extremely oily skin.
  2. Needs proper blending to avoid a cakey look.
  3. Could show up more textured on dry skin.
  4. Some find it has a slight shimmer.
  5. There can be a learning curve for application.

It’s priced at $44—an investment, but worth it. Best suited for those who want a filter-like finish, daily use, or special occasions.

12. BAGAIL 8-Piece Packing Cubes

The BAGAIL 8-piece Packing Cubes have sparked the interest of many TikTok users due to their exceptional functionality and benefits. This product successfully addresses the age-old struggle of packing too many items.

Key Features:

  • Makes efficient use of luggage space
  • Organizes belongings for easy access
  • Capable of containing three shoe pairs separately


  1. Offers better space utilization
  2. Facilitates swift access to belongings
  3. Separate compartment for shoes
  4. Sturdy construction ensures longevity
  5. Handy as a travel companion


  1. Over-packing might complicate closure
  2. Large size may interfere with suitcase organization
  3. Accessories may be hard to fit in
  4. Limited color options
  5. Unpacked, might consume storage space

The product generally retails at $25, now with a 20% discount, it’s a great bargain at $20 on Amazon. Ideal for over-packers and frequent travelers! Remember, smart packing involves rolling clothes rather than folding. This can yield more space to accommodate your essentials.

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How to find and purchase these gadgets on Amazon

Step 1: Research the products available on Amazon

  • Start by using your Amazon account. Our research suggests TikTok can be a great resource for honest reviews and insights.
  • Explore Amazon’s ‘Internet Famous’ section. It’s a dedicated space featuring high-demand items endorsed by TikTok reviewers.
  • Lastly, are you an Amazon Prime member? You can get these items delivered quickly, often within 48 hours.

Step 2: Check the retailer’s Labor Day sale deals

Checking for Labor Day sale deals on Amazon can yield significant savings, highlighting the importance of not skipping this step in your shopping process. It’s also a great way to discover new products at discounted rates that you may not have considered otherwise.

Often, those who use Amazon’s mobile app get access to deals before users browse on their computers. Consider downloading the app as it might give you an extra advantage.

Step 3: Read the reviews and decide on a budget range

Understanding product reviews and setting a budget range is essential in making effective purchases. Reviews provide insights into the product’s performance, while budgets control expenditure.

Evaluate product reviews meticulously. Note the star rating: products with a 4.0 rating and above usually signify a good performance ratio. Pay attention to the specifics in the reviews. Look for consistent comments, both positive and negative.

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Step 4: Find similar products sold by other retailers

  • First, locate and click on your ideal product on Amazon.
  • Second, scroll down past the product description and customer reviews.
  • You will notice a section titled “Customers who bought this item also bought,” which offers a wealth of other similar items.

Step 5: Search for coupons or discounts available from the manufacturer

To find the manufacturer’s coupons, scroll down to the “Special Offers and Product Promotions” section on the product details page. Always keep an eye on the “Today’s Deals” page to find the best discounts and deals.

Keep a close watch on promotional events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day to grab hefty discounts. Downloading the Amazon app can provide real-time updates about upcoming sales and discounts.

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Step 6: Look for gift cards or coupons that can be redeemed later

Start by visiting Amazon’s ‘Today’s Deals’ page where you locate daily discounts, including gift cards and coupons. Pay special attention to the ‘Deals of the Day’ and ‘Lightning Deals’ sections. Lightning deals, limited in time & quantity, are perfect for quick grabs. For individual products, check under the price for a clickable coupon.

Signing up for Amazon’s promotional emails can alert you to new deals and discounts.

Step 7: Check out the return policies offered by the retailer

Understanding the return policies on Amazon, particularly for gadget purchases influenced by TikTok, ensures you protect your interests and avoid potential disappointments. Precise knowledge of return policies ensures that you have a fallback option in case the product fails to meet your expectations.

Step 8: Verify that the product is eligible to be shipped to your location

Look for the “Shipping & Returns” section usually found below the product price. There, you’ll find information about the product’s shipping eligibility.

If the product doesn’t ship to your location, consider using Amazon Global, a feature that offers international shipping on some products. Alternatively, use a freight forwarder.

Step 9: Make sure that the product meets your requirements before purchasing it.

First off, make sure to read the product description in its entirety. Amazon lists all the necessary details about what the product does, its composition, and other key details.

  • Remember, reviews are your best friend. Overlooking them can seriously hinder your Amazon shopping experience. Look out for both positive and negative feedback from people who have used the product.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of Q&A sections that provide unique insight into the product’s effectiveness or usefulness.
  • Always compare similar products. Amazon provides a list of comparable items that might offer better features or be more affordable.
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How TikTok influences consumer behavior

So, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘TikTok made me buy it’ right? Well, you’re not alone. Over a billion users worldwide are finding themselves smitten with products discovered through TikTok. In fact, research has shown that 20% of users now initiate product searches on TikTok, with each user spending on average over 1.5 hours per day on the app. Let’s dig into this further.

  • TikTok, much-loved by Gen Zs, generates powerful product trends that are reshaping consumer behavior. Surprisingly, 40% of Gen Zs prefer using TikTok instead of Google to search for products.
  • Amazon has emerged as a key beneficiary. Around 63% of consumers still prefer to initiate product searches on Amazon. Yet, almost 20% now kick-start their buying journey on TikTok, and this trend is growing.
  • As we all know, TikTok content goes beyond dance trends and pranks. The platform also offers a platform to discover unique and offbeat Amazon products, from touchscreen toasters to strange yet compelling skincare products.
  • Brands and creators are leveraging TikTok’s popularity to go viral. The hashtag #amazonfinds has amassed an astonishing 40 billion views across the platform.

The impact of TikTok on consumer behavior certainly can’t be ignored. With its mass popularity and ability to drive viral trends, it’s an influential force shaping how (and what) people purchase. How do you think this will evolve in the future?