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Magnetic Floating Auto Rotating Gold Globe

  • The globe will levitate regardless of the orientation of the base, remaining stably suspended in the air.
  • The continuous revolution of objects in space captivates us with its wonder and amazement, powered by an auto-spinning inductive system.
  • This item looks nice and can double as a home or office decoration, while also helping to encourage people to learn the geography of the world.
  • Specification: This 6-inch globe features a gold and black design, clearly depicting world geography.
  • Note: Ensure the platform is kept clear of any metal material, as this may interfere with its levitation. Should any issues arise, we will take responsibility.

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

  • Magnetic levitation globe: Let your life be more tasteful with energy-saving, low-carbon living! This unique Globe floating in midair with magnetic force from the bottom and top of the frame, with 3 LED beads in the frame showing off Purple, Pink & Cyan colors, will stand out in any room. Its sleek design and trendy color options make it the perfect fit for any home office décor.
  • Perfect modern desk item with a unique design: This floating globe has a diameter of 3.5 inches/9 cm and a high-tech magnetic levitation design for silent operation. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, making it the perfect gift for world lovers. The sphere is washable, protecting the globe and increasing its service life. It is perfect for home, office, or desk.
  • A conversation starter at the office: Let's work together to levitate this awesome desk gadget! We'll hold the ball in the left hand and the suspension tool in the right hand, then carefully remove the tool - and the globe will be floating in no time!
  • For someone who has everything: Cool desk accessories are the perfect gift for anyone who likes gadgets and high-tech items. From fathers and husbands to bosses, colleagues, teachers, classmates, boyfriends, and even children over 14, these fun items make great presents.

Moon Lamp with Brightness Control

  • A Perfect Gift: A moon lamp makes the ideal gift for friends and family on all occasions! Its beauty and realism will be sure to delight.
  • 3D Printed Moon Lamp: Bring the beauty of the night sky indoors with the hyper-realistic moon lamp. Featuring a 3D printed design based off of NASA's astronomical data, this lamp will create a calming atmosphere in your home.
  • Ceramic Hand Base: The night light rests on a ceramic hand-shaped base, adding a touch of grace to your room decor. Its bottom is thoughtfully designed to retain the moon's shape to the fullest.
  • Dual-Color Lamp with Adjustable Brightness: Simply tap the mini touch switch at the bottom of the LED moon lamp to change the light from lunar white to warm yellow. You can also long-tap to adjust the brightness for a cozy, cool ambiance.
  • Rechargeable and Long Battery Life: This rechargeable lamp, measuring 3.5 inches, offers an 8-hour battery life and can be fully charged in just 2 hours.