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Hoverpen – Interstellar Edition

  • Slim, streamlined design: The pen has a satisfying twist and is engineered from a single piece of aluminum, giving it a sci-fi feel that quietly introduces the feeling of quality. It comes in a variety of colors, including Mars magma, Neptune Blue, Space black, and Starlight Silver.
  • Lead holder: The second edition of the pen includes a lead holder, which is a nice addition to the lineup. It has a spiral grip that adds a nice feel, and it spins in the magnetic stand.
  • Ergonomic finish: The pen has an ergonomic finish that makes it comfortable to hold, ensuring that it rests in the hollows of your hand. It is nicely weighted and stays balanced when you hold it.
  • Standard ballpoint: The pen uses a Schmidt ballpoint cartridge, which provides a smooth flow of ink. While some people may find it disappointing that it's just a standard ballpoint, you can swap it for another compatible refill if you can find one.
  • The uniqueness of magnetism: Most of what you are paying for is the uniqueness of its magnetism, which sets it apart from other pens. It's a cool and unusual approach to a pen that appeals to a range of different people and can make a great gift.