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Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

  • Amazing Gifts: If you're still having trouble choosing a gift for men, a bicycle gadget is the perfect solution. It makes a great Father's Day gift for dads, and is perfect for kids' birthdays or pizza parties. It's also a great gift for cyclists or bike lovers.
  • Cute Kitchen Gadgets: This Bicycle Pizza Cutter comes with a handy stand for easy display and storage. It's conveniently sized to fit on the countertop, making it an ideal decorative piece for the kitchen.
  • Quality Pizza Cutter: This super cute and functional Bike Pizza Cutter is more than just a great gift - it also works as a pizza cutter, with double pizza wheels and a durable construction.
  • Easy-to-Use and Clean: This set of two 3 Inch stainless steel wheels makes cutting pizza a breeze. Cut with either the front or back wheel for precision, or get creative and cut with both wheels for a fun, bike-riding experience. Plus, the wheels are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe!

Calary Useless Box


  • This product is crafted out of genuine wood and is a lovely wood-color. It weighs approximately 280 grams and comes in an individual package.

  • This product is 6.1 inches x 3.7 inches x 2.8 inches and it requires 2 AAA batteries for operation (batteries are not included).

  • This amusing box made out of wood offers hours of entertainment. All one needs to do is press the 'PUSH' button and a finger pops up, which then turns off the box automatically. Repeating this action provides unlimited fun!

  • An excellent choice for relieving stress, this product is suitable to be placed on a desk at home or in the office. It makes an ideal present for family and friends.

  • We guarantee full satisfaction with whichever service you choose. If you're not completely satisfied with any of our services, feel free to contact us and we will offer you a return or refund.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

  • The camera lens coffee mugs are made of food-grade PVC plastic and stainless steel interior. The exterior is made of durable plastic styled after popular Canon zoom lenses.
  • They are made with food-grade plastic and stainless steel interior that helps to maintain the desired temperature.
  • The travel lid has an opening at the top for sipping, while the solid lid seals the mug completely and requires drinking directly from the rim.
  • The Camera Lens Mugs are safe for use in the dishwasher, but the manufacturer recommends hand washing to preserve the colorful detailing.

Cruiser Motorcycle Building Kit 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults

  • The Cruiser Motorcycle Building Kit 3D Wooden Puzzles are an exciting and entertaining way to build a scale model of a cruiser motorcycle with a V-twin engine.
  • The kit contains 168 interlocking pieces that are easy to pop out of the laser-cut wooden sheets. It also comes with a wind-up rubber motor that can run up to 1m without batteries.
  • The Cruiser Motorcycle Building Kit 3D Wooden Puzzles are suitable for both adults and kids aged 14 and up and make great gifts for puzzle lovers and gearheads.
  • The kit is recommended for ages 14+ and makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas/holidays, or other occasions.

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Lock Puzzle Boxes with Hidden Compartments

  • This puzzle box is great for couples or families to play together and strengthen their thinking abilities, while also adding a touch of mystery and fun to special occasions like Valentine's Day or anniversaries.
  • It also allows for customization of the password, making it a unique and special gift for loved ones. Rest assured that you will be satisfied with your purchase.
  • The Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Lock Puzzle Box is made of brass material, which is known for its durability and strength.
  • The puzzle lock uses a series of six cipher circles that can be customized to create a unique password.

Damascus Pocket Knife Set

  • Package Inclusions: This mini knife set, which includes four mini knives with sheathes and a leather texture gift box for storing them, is perfect for EDC lovers!
  • Premium Material: This blade is crafted with high-quality stainless steel for durability and rust resistance. The handle is made from solid natural wood and each mini knife is accompanied by its own unique sheath.
  • Easy to Carry: This mini chef knife packs big potential! With its mini size and light weight, this keychain-style design makes it easy to slip in your pocket or hang on your backpack for quick access anytime. Don't be fooled by its size - this knife means business!
  • Wide Use: This multi-tool can be used to open small fruits, boxes, envelopes, and letters, making it both practical and reliable. It is also available in miniature sizes to be used as ornamental or collectible items.
  • Practical Gift: The pocket knife with its sharpness, high hardness, and cool appearance makes it an ideal gift for those who appreciate miniature versions of things.

Detachable Classical Gear Fidget Spinners

  • This 25# Carbon Steel Chain, Gear, and Finger Cover have been vacuum-plated black and feature high-speed precision CNC machining for a smooth finish.
  • Drawing inspiration from endurance bicycling, the chain and gear combination is compact and durable, full of mechanical sense. With various ways to play, it's easy to carry, simple, discreet, and fun. You can use it to palm scroll, fingertip rotate, tabletop scroll, or combine the two spinners to flip and crawl.
  • These two SMF95ZZ stainless steel bearings are super silent, incredibly smooth, and easily removable.

Dimmable 64″ Tall Standing Lamp – 3 Levels Adjustable Brightness 12Wx2 LED Bulbs Floor Lamp

  • This corner lamp has a one-button operation with the help of a foot switch control. You can turn it on/off with one press and adjust its brightness with two presses. Even after you close it, the lamp will still remember your settings from before. It has a white Tyvek lampshade which is like paper but is waterproof, stain-proof, and easy to clean.

  • Installing a floor lamp in your bedroom or living room can be a great way to add an element of charm and intimacy. Its fabric shade, crafted from Tyvek material, emits soft and glare-free light, making it ideal for reading or studying as it is gentle on the eyes and does not cause fatigue.

  • This attractive standing lamp adds a touch of elegance to any room. The white floor lamp provides ambient lighting with two 12W bulbs. Its unique design enhances the look of the space, creating a cozy atmosphere that complements any decor.

  • Modern lamps have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours at the right current and voltage, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs, thus saving money and energy. Additionally, they are compatible with Alexa bulbs and can be easily assembled in just five minutes without the need for any additional tools.

  • This dimmable floor lamp is made of Dupont Tyvek and stainless steel for enhanced stability and durability. Its light base makes it safe for children and provides great heat dissipation and light divergence performance.

Escape Room in a Box Brain Teaser Puzzles for Adults

  • Escape Room in A Box Game: Discover the ultimate challenge with this escape room puzzle box. Unlock ciphers and symbols as you solve mind-bending puzzles, manipulate various mechanisms, and make logical decisions. No luck required!
  • 2-in-1 Puzzle Box with Hidden Compartment: This pro puzzle box is the perfect gift for birthdays! It features a unique secret compartment measuring 1.3 x 3.1 inches, ideal for hiding money, jewelry, or other small gifts. With its intricate design and high-quality wooden construction, this brain teaser gift box is sure to bring joy to whoever receives it.
  • Over 60 Minutes of Puzzle Fun: This escape room in a box, featuring 63 separate parts and various mechanical puzzles, is sure to provide over an hour of stimulating fun. Perfect for puzzle box enthusiasts and escape room fans, the interactive and immersive experience will be sure to delight.
  • Reassemble for Unlimited Fun: This wooden puzzle box offers endless entertainment and can be reassembled with a new gift for family game nights or puzzles parties with friends. If you get stuck, the instructions in the box provide tips to help you escape!
  • Brain-Boosting Puzzle Game: Give your mind a workout and enhance your problem-solving abilities with this 3D wooden puzzle box. Ideal for adults and kids, this brain teaser will turbocharge your logic and problem-solving skills while providing a real mental challenge. Best of all, it doubles as a money puzzle box for cash gifts, making it an ideal present for any occasion!

Fred Boss 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

  • Fun and Functional: Show you mean business with the Genuine Fred Pizza Boss 3000. This unique pizza cutter will easily cut through pepperoni, extra cheese, and even those pesky anchovies.
  • Unique Design: Pizza Boss is shaped like a circular saw, giving its user the appearance of a carpenter in action.
  • Quality Materials: The Pizza Boss 3000 is crafted with durable engineering-grade plastics and a food-safe stainless steel blade with a laser-etched design.
  • Easy to Clean: This pizza cutter features a stainless steel blade with a removable shield for easy cleaning. Hand washing is recommended.
  • Great Gift: The Pizza Boss 3000 makes a great gift for any man, perfect for housewarmings, birthdays, host gifts, and more. It comes in a full-color window box, making it an ideal present for any occasion.

Hand Controlled Mini Drone Flying Ball

  • Super Cool High-Tech Hand Controlled Drone: Our orb ball, featuring a gyroscope and AI chip, promises an intelligent flight experience. Different throwing angles and speeds create diverse flight lines and boomerang effects, offering fun for children and helping to improve their hand-eye coordination, operating skills, intelligence, and creativity.
  • Durable and Lightweight Body: This flying ball drone toy is made of high-grade ABS material, making it lightweight and flexible enough to withstand countless crashes. Its enclosed propellers provide peace of mind for parents, as there is no risk of their children being hurt by the blades.
  • USB Rechargeable: To fully charge your aircraft, simply plug the USB connector into the device. It should take around 25 minutes to charge. You'll know when it's done when the LED indicator light stops flashing and stays lit. Once fully charged, you'll have 8 to 10 minutes of flying time.
  • For Anytime, Anywhere Fun: Our hand-operated drone requires very little room to take off, making it a fun and easy-to-control activity that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. With its smooth flight pattern and boomerang effect, this flying ball is a great conversation piece for family, school, and holiday gatherings. It's also an ideal way to introduce children to basic physics and aerodynamics.
  • Perfect Gift: This hand-controlled drone makes a fun gift for birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Father's Day, and Mother's Day. It's a great choice for kids, teenagers, adults, and the elderly alike.

Hoverpen – Interstellar Edition

  • Slim, streamlined design: The pen has a satisfying twist and is engineered from a single piece of aluminum, giving it a sci-fi feel that quietly introduces the feeling of quality. It comes in a variety of colors, including Mars magma, Neptune Blue, Space black, and Starlight Silver.
  • Lead holder: The second edition of the pen includes a lead holder, which is a nice addition to the lineup. It has a spiral grip that adds a nice feel, and it spins in the magnetic stand.
  • Ergonomic finish: The pen has an ergonomic finish that makes it comfortable to hold, ensuring that it rests in the hollows of your hand. It is nicely weighted and stays balanced when you hold it.
  • Standard ballpoint: The pen uses a Schmidt ballpoint cartridge, which provides a smooth flow of ink. While some people may find it disappointing that it's just a standard ballpoint, you can swap it for another compatible refill if you can find one.
  • The uniqueness of magnetism: Most of what you are paying for is the uniqueness of its magnetism, which sets it apart from other pens. It's a cool and unusual approach to a pen that appeals to a range of different people and can make a great gift.